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The Player (1992), 123 minutes, D: Robert Altman
Altman's scathing expose eviscerated Hollywood and its film-making industry. The character-intensive satire on contemporary Tinseltown morality and its wheeling and dealing starred Tim Robbins as shallow, back-stabbing studio executive Griffin Mill, hounded by a disgruntled scriptwriter whom he murders. Widely-praised was its sustained, unedited 8 minute opening dolly-shot, its four-dozen cameo appearances, and its dark comedy. The subtle opening and closing shots revealed the underlying joke of the premise - the movie was a 'film-within-a-film' about how the film came to be. The final line described Altman's own take on the film just seen: "It's a Hollywood ending, Griff. He marries the dead writer's girl (Greta Scacchi) and they live happily ever after."

J. Blackfoot - Hiding PlaceJ. Blackfoot - Hiding PlaceJ. Blackfoot - Hiding PlaceJ. Blackfoot - Hiding Place